About Us

ABN 62 452 850 481, trading as Orlando Houseboat
PO Box 54 Modbury North SA 5092, +618 8264 7745, ken@orlandohouseboat.com.au

Owner Story

Aggie & Ken purchased 3-year-old Orlando in 2006 with an embryonic idea of a big upstream journey sometime. However, work and the GFC kept her in hire at Murray Bridge for a few years.

Following retirement from midwifery and mining respectively, we made the dream trip to Yarrawonga and part-way back from May 2012. As far as we could go, for as long as it took but in stages to accommodate Aggie’s charitable activities. A fabulous 18-month experience, albeit not for the faint-hearted and the boat if not the crew, performed admirably throughout. You can read the full story on board if in need of something to read when you cruise on Orlando in the benign Riverland region – it only starts getting hairy from 60 km upstream of Mildura.

We liked Wentworth NSW, at the Murray-Darling River junction and put Orlando into hire there for two years, before bringing her back to South Australia to commence operations with River Murray Houseboats at Renmark in 2016.